Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Day 8: Masters of Horror Part 2-Deer Woman

I'm only doing one episode/short film of "Masters of Horror" tonight cause I got a late start and I got other things brewing up on this end. So I'll save the Lucky McKee directed episode for another day.

"Deer Woman" was co-written and directed by John Lanis, who gave us "An American Werewolf In London", "The Blues Brothers", and a couple of segments in "Twilight Zone: The Movie", which caused all kinds of controversy, but that's for another day.

In this film, Brian Benben (remember him? From "Dream On"?) is a detective who's assigned to a weird case involving a trucker stomped to death. Detective Benben is assigned to "animal attacks", so he thinks it's a deer. And, if you notice the title, you're not too far off.

There is a smoking hot chick who goes around looking for horny guys, starts to give them a blowjob, then proceeds to kick the shit out of them. There really is no motive, she just randomly finds horny guys (read: 99% of the male population). So it's up to Benben, his new cop buddy who can't act worth shit, and a punk teenage girl cornoner to figure out the entire mess.

My favorite part of the entire thing is when Benben is at home, in bed, thinking about the case of the trucker and how he was killed by a deer. He comes up with three scenerios.

#1-A hot chick meets the trucker and goes back to his truck, where she proceeds to beat him to death with a deer leg.
#2-A hot chick meets the trucker and they go back to his truck. They hear a weird noise, but proceed to make out. The noise gets closer and they look out the window and find a super tiny doe outside the window just looking at them. They both scream in bloody terror.
#3-My favorite, the hot chick and trucker get accosted by a big giant mutant deer lumberjack guy.

Eventually, Benben and Officer Can't Act goes to an Indian casino and while discussing the case, an Indian dude overhears and tells them the legend of the Deer Woman, who is half woman, half deer. Benben is like "That's totally her!" and puts on an APB for a deer woman.

Of course he's laughed off, but still assigned the case cause he's pretty passionate about it. Officer Can't Act goes back to the casino and meets the deer woman and without thinking, invites her back to his place. It's not until he gets a call from Benben that he realizes he's an idiot and he get stomped.

Benben arrives and is kicked around by the Deer Woman, which leads to a chase into the woods. He runs her over, but this doesn't stop her. And when he shoots her, she just goes all "Matrix-y" and vanishes. And with that, this film ends.

Oh yeah! When Benben is talking to his captain about this case, he mentions another case back in 1981 where a guy was turned into some "wolf" type animal. And yes, the guy was An American. And the "wolf type" was In London. Self referencal humor is funny.

So this was probably one of my favorites. It was pretty scary at the beginning, when it gave us a "jump scare" and I never fall for those. It was pretty funny. And we got to see tits. A bunch of times! John Landis, you are totally great! Even though you casted Officer Can't Act, but oh well. You can't win them all.


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