Friday, May 23, 2008

Oh Yeah...

I saw it. It rocked!

I normally don't do new GOOD movie reviews here, so I won't write up a thing. I will say this though:

It rocked. Yes I'm saying it again. It rocked.

A few sour moments to point out (and may or may not be spoilers so watch out):

(Extra space just in case)

1. Indy didn't use the whip a whole lot. There was a fight scene and he had the whip on him but it wasn't used.
2. I kinda saw the "shocking surprise" about Shia Labaif or whatever's character BEFORE the movie even began.
3. John Rhyes-Davis wasn't in this one. This movie was missing a good "INDY!"
4. This one dude, named Mac, was irritating only cause they kept switching him. (Definate spoiler here...)

First he's good, then he's on the villain's side, then he's on Indy's side, no wait he's on the villain's side now. He didn't really bring a whole lot to the movie and could've been written out of the movie. I feel.

5. Sean Connery retired now so that's a good reason why he didn't come back. But I had no idea the dude who played Brody died. That depressed me cause him I liked. He was awesome in "Last Crusade". "The pen is mightier" indeed.
6. The scene in the jungle was awesome but I guess cause George Lucas had a hand in it, you can totally see the green screen effect. That took me out of it.

OK that's it. I swear though, it is a great movie but I can see people having problems with the overall story, and the ending. But I didn't care, it was new and exciting and just so mothafucking awesome!!

Hey! Stop reading this and go see it now!! What's that? The theater's closed? Eh, break in. Jail time is worth it, trust me.


Fletch said...

You're allowed to cheat and do a GOOD movie review every now and then. ;)

Nick said...

Heck yeah... if you read my review, you'll see most of my negatives.

And yeah, I also noticed he didn't use the whip very often. And I started wondering... he had to have his whip when he fell into that not-quick sand right? So why didn't he just use it to help him get out instead? Or maybe he didn't have it. Who knows.

And I think the

shia = son

thing was announced before the movie even came out (and then I think it was denied, but probably only to throw people off).

The aliens thing almost took it a bit too far/over-the-top, I think, but I dealt with it.

Anonymous said...

I actually enjoyed Indiana Jones 4 as well. I can see the points of the negative reviews but yet I still really had fun with this film! Sure aliens is a bit strange plot line but he's always delt with the forces of supernatural. It is Spielberg we're dealing with here and Lucas who both drool over aliens storylines. anyways glad to see a fellow b-movie. great reviews.