Sunday, June 17, 2007

Weekend Totals: June 15th-June 17th

Sorry that I haven't been updating this feature in the past few weeks. I been kinda sorta busy with stuff. But now it's back! Let's take a look, shall we?

1. So no big surprise for this one, huh? Even though EVERY SINGLE PERSON that I come across says they didn't like the first one and think this one is gonna suck. Go figure.
2. I only saw Ocean's Eleven once. It was "New Years 2005" and me and my friend Bill has been up for like 20 some hours. We watched a shitload of movies beforehand and we put this one on at like 8 AM. I kept falling asleep so I barely remember it. I do know it involved casinos and safes and whatnot. So anyway, I need to watch it again before tackling twelve and then thirteen.
3. I love Knocked Up. I randomly tell people "beard" jokes. (If you saw the movie, that make sense)
4. What's the big deal about these pirate movies? They made like 9 of them at the same time and release them every other year or something. I guess.
5. HEY! It's yet ANOTHER animated penguin movie!! This is like, what, the 20th now?
6. I wanna see Shrek the Third before it slides into movie theater obscurity.
7. So here's my question about Nancy Drew: She was suppose to be some teenage detective solving mysteries, right? And not about trying to fit in? Right? Cause...that's what this movie is about, trying to fit in. Excuse me, where are the dead bodies? I suppose they're gonna try to make The Hardy Boys a fraternaty comedy like Van Wilder.
8. I wanna see Hostel Part 2. No I don't. Yeah..I do. But why? fuck it, I'll just wait until it comes out on DVD.
9. Yay, a bio-pic on Mel Brooks!
10. Spider-man 3 still clinging on to the top ten spot. This should show you how much this one sucks. The first two were in the top five spots for like 7 months.

Well, that's it. What's coming out next week?
1408 and Evan Almighty, along with some other movies I've never heard of. I'm gonna guess that Silver Surfer is still gonna be number one, with maybe Evan Almighty in the two or three spot.

Hopefully see you next week!

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