Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Found Footage Fest 2012: Man Bites Dog

I probably shouldn't have listened to Wikipedia on this one. I made up my list from their list of "found footage films" and this movie was on that list. I've been hearing for a long time to see this movie by Steve from 1001plus, so I said "sure why not?" Turns out, it's a bit less "found footage" and more "fake documentary". I GUESS the ending makes you think "found footage" but if I were do this movie, I could do "Behind The Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon" so whatever.

Anyway. "Man Bites Dog". I have no idea what to say about this movie. It's not an easy movie to describe. No, I take that back. It's an easy movie to describe but it'll be so fucking short.

A film crew follows around a serial killer. The end.

See? Sure, some stuff happens like we learn about his life a little bit. We learn he's a bit crazy. Maybe a mild asshole. We learn he makes his money from stealing it from the people he kills. There's a lot of talking scenes. A LOT OF TALKING SCENES. Oh and this movie is in French. I do not mind foreign films but it does get a bit tiring trying to keep up with dialogue constantly. Anyway, the killer is named Ben and the filmmaker is named Remy. I just felt like sharing that.

There really isn't a lot to talk about in this movie. I guess this is a mild black comedy but I really only laughed at one part and I'm a bit nervous to write it here...aw fuck it. I seem to be the Eminem of the LAMB lately, what's more controversy?!? FUCK DA POLICE!!!

So Ben talks about how "urban renewal" caused his...girlfriend? favorite prostitute? favorite old lady who happens to be a prostitute? to leave her house and move into another apartment or something. So he goes to the construction site to kill some guys and one of them includes a night watchman, who happens to be black. Ben goes on a rant about hiring black people to be night watchmen and how he doesn't like to touch black people because of the AIDS. Then he decided to see if black dudes really did have big dicks and apparently that is true.

The film moves along and eventually the film crew seem to get into the whole killing thing. At two different points they lose two different sound guys cause they got caught in some cross fire. Oh yeah, at random points in the movie, Ben is involved in shootouts with random people. One of them is a guy he was trying to kill but I dunno who the other shootout people were.

There's a point where Ben is hospitalized cause he's also a boxer (random, I know but it's a French movie so I excused it). A scene I liked was when he came home from the hospital, it was also his birthday. Remy, the grandma prostitute, his maybe girlfriend, and some guy we never seen before is there. The guy is super loud and obnoxious. Remy gives Ben a holster for his gun, which gives him an excuse to shoot the loud guy. This was funny cause everyone acted like this was normal. At one point, he tried to kill a postman while recovering but the postman gets away. And I guess this got Ben arrested cause suddenly he was in jail, accused of murder.

But then Ben breaks out and....immediately goes to all the places the cops should be looking for him like his parents house or this one chick's house who may or may not be his girlfriend. Turns some both the maybe girlfriend and his parents are killed, another shootout occurs where Ben, Remy, and the film crew are shot and the film ends.

That's all I can say about the movie, really. There's a lot of stuff that happens but it'll take too long to describe everything. Like when he decided to kill a family in the suburbs. Or when he kills an old lady. Or when he gets drunk while wearing a priests collar. Stuff like that just...happens.

I'm not sure what I thought of it. It was somewhat interesting and right when I was getting bored, there was dozens of shots of people getting killed so it got me interested again. I'll give it a middle of the road rating. It's not bad for a French film that seems to be fancy and gory at the same time. I still don't consider this a "found footage" film but fuck it, I wanted to do a review today anyway so here it is.


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SJHoneywell said...

I think there's a lot of funny stuff here that you might have overlooked. Like, yes, two sound guys get killed. Did you spot that when the director talks about them, their biographies are identical except for their names? Or when the reservoir where he dumps the bodies dries up and he forces the film crew to bury all of his victims? That shit is hysterical!

Anyway, now that you've seen it, you understand why it goes well with Leslie Vernon.