Monday, May 14, 2007

Funny Troll 2 Vid's on Youtube

In celebration of the 100th review being "Troll 2", and cause I found these while looking for the movie trailer, here are some video clips.

"Troll 2 is Bringing Sexy Back"-Set to the Justin Timberlake song. If you don't like his music, then don't watch, but this video is pretty damn entertaining.

One of those "Let's pretend this movie is a different type of genre". Here they try to make it a comedy/drama/heartwarming tale.

All the horrible acting that appears in this movie. INCLUDES THE PISSING SCENE!!

That's all. And this just about fills my limit of "Troll 2" stuff. If I ever have to see or think about this movie again I'm gonna drink some Nilbog milk and take my chances.

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