Monday, May 14, 2007

Weekend Totals: May 11th-May 13th

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I knew Spiderman 3 would win for another week, despite it's lukewarm response by critics and moviegoers alike.

28 Weeks Later did ok for itself though, so that's good.

"Hey, let's see that Lindsey movie now that it's finally made!"

Really, Disturbia is on this list? Are the people who saw it the last three weeks just seeing it again or what?

I can't believe Delta Farce made it in the top five. But then again seeing how many people in this country knows what "GIT R DONE" means, I'm not too surprised.

Glad Hot Fuzz still cracked the Top 10.

The rest I'm still "whatever" about.

New feature: Where I guess what will be number 1 next week. And looking at what's coming next weekend I think this is a no-brainer:
Shrek the Third. Spider-man 3 may just be knocked off finally until number 2. Or number 3, if more Larry the Cable Guy fans show up.

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