Thursday, May 10, 2007

Troll 2 Is Coming! But first...

Some updates! Woo!!

1. You can now search the site!! I put on this Google Search thingy that I been seeing on other websites and I figured what the hell. So if you ever wondered if I did a review of "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" and don't feel like scanning the Reviews Page, you can do a search. Or if you ever wondered if I mentioned "The Fall Guy" in a review, you can search for that too. The search thingy can be found on the main page.

2. I got rid of the FAQ's page and replaced it with "The Guide", a page that describes every thing the site is about, including the features and other questions people may have. You can check that out here:

3. I updated the links section. That is here:

Troll 2 will be coming soon!! I promise!!! There's been delays and relays and unlays and andales...well no, not enough andales...anyway. It'll be posted soon. Really. I swear.


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