Friday, October 26, 2007

Jason Answers Some Questions

So Jason, why don't you hardly write in your blog anymore?
I dunno, really. Maybe I should write more stuff. I think the problem for me is I write the articles or whatever and I tell everyone in the known universe and I hardly get any feedback. Granted, I've gotten some comments here or there and I do appreciate them (And sorry to those of you who HAD to create an account to leave a comment. I changed that since then.), it's just it feels like I'm writing stuff to deaf ears...or deaf eyes....or...whatever.

But maybe none of that should matter. I should just keep pluggin' away and writing whatever and be content on the few people who do read this regularly and be happy. So I will try to think of things to write about in here in the future.

What's up with the "Movie Show"?
Originally, I was gonna just stop for a week, which turned into two weeks, then before I knew it, a whole month has gone by. Then I was planning the newest one and realized how much alike all the episodes are and maybe a bit variety would spice things up. And maybe present the Top Ten Movies a little better. Maybe give out some movie news? I tried to do viewer email but...I think we all can figure out what happened with that. But I'm gonna revamp it and present a new episode sometime next week, in time for Halloween, possibly. If not, oh well.

I'm sick of you complaining all the damn time. Are you turning emo?
Yes. I'm letting my hair grow out so I can cover my eyes. I already own lots of black clothing and I occasionally paint my fingernails black. I just need to start drinking coffee and cry a lot.

See any good movies recently?
Yes, which I was gonna cover in the movie show but I can mention them here. A few weeks back I saw "Shoot 'Em Up", the crazy action flick starring Clive Owen. I thought it was pretty good and enjoyable and it didn't take itself seriously, which is always great. I would recommend it but unfortunately not a lot of people "got" it and it was pulled from theaters three weeks after it's release date, meanwhile "Transformers" is still playing in theaters all over the place.

I also saw "The Darjeeling Limited" this past weekend, which is only being shown in selected theaters for some reason. I never seen a Wes Anderson movie before and I was pretty interested in seeing this one. Luckily, I was in Indianapolis this past weekend and they have an "art cinema" where they play artsy movies and Darjeeling was playing there. I gotta say I liked it and thought it was funny and sad. It was also filmed beautifully and it makes me wanna check out his other works now.

One final question, if you decide to stop doing the Movie Show, do you plan on still listing the top movies?
Yes, I'd like to. Cause I think it's interesting and it's one thing that no one else has done (I don't think).

Thanks for reading. Check out the sites listed to the right for other things I'm doine and I will post more stuff in here. I promise.

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