Tuesday, October 30, 2007

This Is Your Halloween Post

Hey Ghouls! HA!

Since I created the site in 2005, I tried to celebrate Halloween in various way. The first year I spent three days watching 15 movies, which took a lot out of me. The second year, I posted my old "Friday Night Video Reviews" reviews on the awful "Halloween" sequels. So now it's 2007.

And I got nothing. I'm sorry to say. But I been pretty busy with stuff. Which I'll tell you some of what that is.

First, I'm helping my friend Bill Szany with a short film he made for a Youtube contest. I dunno if I can go much more into it. Well, on the other hand, I did make a preview for it, which you can see here.

Then there's other video projects, plus my own short film I'm gonna be making later this year, and the return of BMC5K! If you know what that is, hooray! If not, just wait. You'll know.

So with all of that going on, I didn't really have time to go rent some bad scary movies, or anything. I think I was gonna tackle one of the Friday the 13th movies, I think starting with Part 3, when they did the 3-D thing. But I'll save that for another time.

I did read a thing in the "AV Club" by my on-again favorite/off-again favorite director Eli Roth (I can't stand Cabin Fever, Hostel was alright, didn't see Hostel 2, and the "Thanksgiving" Promo during "Grindhouse" was fuckin' awesome) where he talks about doing a 24-hour horror movie marathon, which I was tempted to do, if I read about it early enough and had time to get the movies. You can check that out here.

And before we go, I do wanna say I have an announcement coming either tomorrow night or Thursday night, depending on when I'm able to post it. So stay tuned for that.

In the meantime, I did make something relating to horror movies. Please check out:
"Soto Meets Jigsaw"


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