Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Movies I Like #1: Waiting

I spend a fair amount of time bashing and complaining about bad movies and/or movies that I hate. It's funny and people like it, haha. But for every movie that I hate or think is bad, there is one that I love and think is good. I figured, at least once in awhile, I'll spotlight a movie that I think is good and that I love.

My first pick:

Waiting...(Yes there's elicpses after the title. I'm not sure why.)

This movie is pretty near and dear to my heart because it shows what it's like to work in the food industry and what waiters and waitresses put up with when people go into restaurants and start treating the waitstaff like shit. Granted, I work in a fast food restaurant, but Clerks 2 was two years away, so this had to fill the void.

Waiting...shows us the day in the life of the waitstaff at a restaurant called Shenanaginz!, which is pretty much just a fictionalized Bennigins, with a little T.G.I Friday mixed in. We focus on Dean, played by Justin Long, as he tries to cope with growing up and finding out his best friend from high school just got his Masters degree and got a high paying job, while he's stuck being a waiter.

There's also Monty, played by Ryan Reynolds, who is the pervy smart ass of the bunch and wants nothing more then to stick it to the barely legal hostess Natashia. David Koechner plays Daniel, the manager who lets the power go to his head and is more or less an asshole. And Anna Faris (from the Scary Movie series) plays a waitress that likes to show off her tits to get a tip and has a history with Monty, which is one of the highlights of this movie as seen here:

There are ten thousand other stories in the movie, like the guy who can't pee in public bathrooms and the one waitress that's been working WAAAAY too long. But I would be admiss if I didn't mention "The Game".

The Game is played by all the guys in the restaurant and they find clever and odd ways to show each other their "junk" and if they catch someone by surprise, they get to kick them in the ass while calling them "fag". Yeah, it's stupid and don't make sense but that's the point.

My favorite bit though, is when the bitchiest customer in the world walks in and just almost immedately starts belitting everyone that comes to her table. Then she rattles off a list of demands and finds every little thing wrong with her meal. The entire waitstaff has had enough of her, so they decide to do something special to her food, as show here:

As its stated in the movie: Never FUCK with the people that handle your food. As a fast food worker, I couldn't agree more. Not that I've ever done anything to someone's food...that I'm willing to admit.

ANYWAY! If you haven't seen "Waiting..." yet, you totally should. And when you do, watch the entire ending credits, cause the movie more or less keeps on going till the very very end, which includes this:



Fletch said...

Still need to see this...worth an unseen purchase? It's not in the HBO rotation.

Jason Soto said...

I say it's worth an unseen purchase. Maybe you can rent it?

Fletch said...

I don't rent much these days, unless it's something I'm pretty sure I know I'm not going to buy. With a movie that's a few years old, the price difference is typically pretty negligible, so purchasing is a good option.

Will do.