Tuesday, March 25, 2008

5 More Days Until 30 Days!

Hi gang! I had a busy weekend, which I'm gonna write about in my personal LiveJournal, but I wanted to write in here first about the upcoming event that I've dubbed "30 Days of Horror"!

In case you're not in the know, I mentioned last blog entry that I was gonna devote the entire month of April to only horror movies. Since then I've had people ask me "Well...don't you already do horror movies on your site?" And, well, yeah, that's true. 90% of the movies I review on the site are, oddly enough, horror movies, with the other 5% being sci-fi and boring ass dramas. I plan on putting more genres in the mix later this year but I wanna clear up what I mean by "30 Days of Horror".

I mean every day in the month of April, I'm gonna watch at LEAST one horror movie.

With that said, here's some of things you'll be seeing in April:
1. Some updated reviews. As I mention, I seem to do a lot of shitty horror movies, many of them in the first year or so of running the site. Which means there aren't any images or the review itself just sucks. So I plan on updating a few here or there. I'm gonna start with April Fool's Day on...go on. Guess which day. (nudge nudge)

2. I'm not gonna set any rules or regulations for this. Like, I'm not ONLY gonna watch ones I haven't seen before or ONLY update reviews. I'm gonna mix it up. And I'm not only gonna watch new or old movies, or only just ones on DVD. I'm gonna do the whole shebang. DVD, VHS, laserdisc (My friend Bill has a laserdisc player and has The Exorist on Laserdisc. Maybe I can ask nicely...) and yes in theaters. I'm not seeing a whole bunch of non-horror movies coming out to theaters in April so it should be all good.

3. I'm gonna write either a short article here on the blog, a Probe or a full review on the site. Probably mostly be here on the blog. I only got a few Probes planned, and the normal 3 or 4 full reviews on Sundays (if possible).

4. You might've noticed I didn't add the "movies" to "30 Days of Horror". That's because I'm also gonna venture off into the realm of television. I'm probably gonna stray away from The Twilight Zone and Tales from The Crypt. If I find any Tales from the Darkside though, I'm all over it like a virgin on his prom date.

5. This might be a little iffy, and not sure how to go about doing this, but a select few posts might contain some video of me doing or saying something. That's only if I feel up to it though, so don't give your hopes up.

6. And finally for the legality. Life is unpredictable and you or I never know what's gonna come up so if anything life altering happens in the Month of April and I'm not able to fulfill my duties of posting SOMETHING once a day, don't get all mad at me and be like "What a gyp! Screw you, Soto!" I don't know what will come up but something might, so I'm saying this just in case. If anyone out there wants to be a backup writer of sorts, or hell even WANTS to contribute in some way, shape, or form, please, feel free. I welcome it.

Thats it. I got a bunch planned and some surprises that I won't reveal or ruin here just yet, cause if I do, I'm sure "somebody" will talk me out of it. (nudge nudge again).

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