Monday, March 31, 2008

Movies I Like #2: BASEketball

Before I get all geared up for 30 Days of Horror, I figure I should get this installment out of the way.

I'm probably gonna get torn a new one for this but dammit! I fuckin' love this movie! Yeah, the acting isn't great. Trey Parker and Matt Stone are more famous for appearing in goofy ass B-Movies like "Orgazmo" and "Cannibal: The Musical", and their main talent lies in voice work (Like some small show called South Park or something). And even they admit that they sucked in this movie. There's a scene in the South Park episode "The Passion of the Jew" where Stan and Kenny complain about the movie "The Passion of the Christ" and say something like "This is worst then the time we tried to get our money back from BASEketball".

With all that said, this movie is pretty funny in my book.

The movie is kind of a spoof of sports movies. It starts with Trey and Matt making up a game on the spot to impress two girls. Because they're only good at shooting baskets from one spot without having to dribble or run or play offense or defense, they claim it's from "baseball rules" where one spot is first, the other is second, and so on until you get a homerun. And the best part about the game are the "psyche outs" which is when the opponent can do something to distract the person about to shoot the ball.

Eventually, the game catches on and within five years it becomes a national sport, with teams popping up all over the country. Here is where it turns into your typical sports movie. The team owner, played by Ernest Borgnine, dies and gives the team to Trey, who then must carry the team to number one and into the "World Series of Baseketball". There's an evil guy who wants to buy the team from Trey and ruin the sport by trading players and having them sell out and put their names to every product you can think of and other things that pretty much ruined baseball, football, basketball, and probably even golf.

And there's a love interest, played by Yasmine Bleeth from Baywatch fame. The twist here is instead of Trey just trying to get with her, Matt is trying to get with her too!

There's also the little buddy sidekick character they named Squeak, and sometimes Little Bitch, who gets teased. A LOT. And as a play on that whole thing with the sick kid who's last wish is that his sport hero, Trey, does 4 homeruns in one game. When Trey doesn't do it, he rushes to the hospital and there's a great scene where they think he's dead, then they find him in a coma, so they try to shock him back to life using those paddle things.

One funny scene is when Trey finds out that the company that's making the team's offical gear that they been shilling is being made through child labor. So it's up to Trey to but a stop to it but he ends up missing, so he ends up on, of course, Unsolved Mysteries!

I love that this is probably one of the last things Robert Stack did.

If you haven't seen it, you really should look into it. It's a real underappreciate gem. And thanks to the magic that is Youtube, someone compiled all the great "psyche outs" from the movie. Most of it is not safe for work, but why are you reading this at work. Slacker.

I fuckin' love this movie.


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