Sunday, September 28, 2008

New Review: Fear of Clowns 2

Shivers is back and so am I!!

Fear of Clowns 2

Another review should be out this week. Gotta make up for lost time ya know.


Aric Blue said...

Nice! Ya finally got around to it! Funny you mention a tasering...we just tasered an actor in my new movie(for real).

Awesome stuff.

Anonymous said...

Ok, your review makes as much sense as my movie. :)

You say: "Black dude has two heads, one belonging to Giggles, the other to the other guy. Wait, when did the other clown guy die? Who killed him? Is this another edit Kevin? Didn't we talk about this? Tsk, tsk. "

Uh, there are only 3 clowns total. Black dude, Giggles and Shivers. Black dude has Giggles' head and the cop's head that was on the sidewalk.

So what the eff are you talking about? I told you not to review the movie when you were high...

And don't worry, the clown count in my next movie is zero. But the boobs will make a return...