Monday, December 06, 2010

The Return of Jason!

Ok, I didn't really go anywhere. It just felt like forever since I posted anything cause it's been a long ass weekend. I have one of those shitty ass jobs wher I have to work on weekends. Stay in school, kids!

Smoke lots of weed but stay in school.

Anyway. The start of Reader's Choice months has officially began! In case you missed it, I recently reviewed "Dumpster Baby", which got a whopping 19 votes. The next four polls only got 7 or 8 votes so I dunno who was around that first week then suddenly said "Fuck this blog" and left but, uh, thanks?

Actually, I have a theory about that first week, which I'm gonna have to keep to myself. If you're DYING to know what it is, email me ( and I'll tell you.

And that brings the close the last poll, which means the final movie I'll be watching on December 31st is "Stuff Stephanie In The Incinerator", which is a movie where there isn't a lot of info about. So I guess the only way people will learn about movies is through me! That's fuckin' awesome, man!

I'm actually curious about that movie so hopefully it'll be worth the wait. Meanwhile, I have to get through "Forbidden Zone", "Drive-In Massacre", and "Christmas Evil" first.

And finally, I somehow got nothing but TV shows in from my Netflix. I sorta gave up on TV some years ago, only getting into a handful of shows ("Lost" and "24" being two of those, which are now both gone) but I keep hearing a lot about some other shows, so I'm checking them now.

You guys, why didn't anyone force me to watch "The Venture Brothers"? This show is great! It's pretty funny but not rolling on the floor hilarious. It's very clever and pretty spot on, for being a parody of those '60's action shows featuring smart kids and whatnot.

And finally, I'm probably gonna film a "Jason Made A Video" tomorrow. Oh, speaking of, there's this:

Linky cause video biggy!


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