Monday, December 13, 2010

Twitter Event: Frankenhooker

So I got a Twitter account but it's not used very much. I just use it to promote new reviews. Nobody hardly talks to me on there (besides Maria and Sean but I talk to them at other places) and anytime I ask anyone anything there, no one responds. I DO get a lot of Follow Friday's but that's about it.

I was thinking about this and notice a thing some people do called "Live Tweeting" where someone does something and they Tweet about it or whatever. I think this is a good idea so I'm gonna do something like that!

So here's what's gonna happen:
1. On December 29th, at 9 PM Eastern Standard Time, I will Live Tweet a review for a movie.
2. The movie is going to be "Frankenhooker".
3. You can follow me at @invasionbmovies if you're on Twitter. If you are not and don't wanna join it, go to it at this page:!/invasionbmovies and just keep an eye on that page.

I'll be posting Tweets throughout the movie, where I'll review it, riff it, tell you my thoughts about it, whatever. So yes, December 29th at 9PM! Frankenhooker! POSTER!

I can't wait!

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