Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Name Changes and Other Stuff

After spending a few days going through my site, I
noticed a couple of things. Two of my features had
very generic names:
Multi-Person Review
Special Reviews

I spent a few days thinking about the Multi-Person
Review one since the new one is coming up and I
finally settled on a name:
It works, no?

As for the "special reviews", I really didn't intend
to make that a permenant name. I only created it cause
of that stupid thing with "that other site". But I
finally came up with a name yesterday for that:
Cause, you know, the whole outer space theme
"invasion" thing...yeah.

So let me know what you guys think of the new names:

And secondly, as I mentioned, the second "Mass
Invasion" is approaching. Me and the other brave souls
who voluneteered for this are gonna tackle "Troll 2".
We should have it done by the end of April.

And finally, there will be another 4-20 review, which
is gonna be the 99th review on the site. I'm keeping
the title to myself cause it's so damn goofy that it's
worth keeping to myself.

That's it. Hope you guys had a good Easter. I swear
I'm gonna tackle "Night of the Lepus" next year.

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