Sunday, April 29, 2007

Weekend Box Totals: April 27th-April 29th

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I can't believe Disturbia is STILL the number one movie. Maybe I need to see this thing. Man.

And The Invisible looks like a cool movie, so I'm glad this made it to number 2 at least.

Do we really need a movie version of "Next"? I mean, a two hour long version of five horny people on a bus trying to get a date, and one stuck up person who-wait. OHH!! Wait. This isn't a movie version of that. Gotcha.

Still upset that Hot Fuzz is stuck in the number 7 spot. Come on people!! British humor isn't bad!!!

Grindhouse nowhere to be seen but motherfuckin "Are We Done Yet" is on this list? Nothing makes sense anymore.

Excuse me I'm gonna go cry now.

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