Sunday, April 22, 2007

Or Live Hard and Die Free?

Does anybody else think that the title "Live Free or Die Hard" is, well, kind of a stupid title? What does that even mean? I get that movie people are like "well if we call this Die Hard 4, it might not do so well" cause you know we're all stupid and don't realize this is the 4th movie in the series. Hell, the working title for the new Indiana Jones movie is simply "Indiana Jones 4". It's not "Save The World, Indiana Jones" or "Help Us, Indiana Jones" or even "Live Life like Indiana Jones". Plus, you know, Indiana Jones movies have cool titles. "Temple of Doom". "Last Crusade". "Raiders of The Lost Ark". So I have faith in the Indiana Jones people.

But "Live Free or Die Hard"? The hell is that? To quote from the trailer "Is that the best you can do?"

Oh well, I'm still looking forward to this movie.


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