Sunday, July 08, 2007

New Stuff & New Review: Minotaur

First off, I review the winner of the second screeners poll. You guys sure know how to pick 'em.

Secondly, you may notice at the end of the Minotaur review, is a little box labeled "Digg". It's something new I'm trying. So if you like the review/site, then click that box and it'll be "digg"ed, or something. And you'll be happy and I'll be happy and magical elves will come out and sing happy little songs. Or something. It's fun!

Third, as I stated yesterday, I added a Frappr map. You guys are doing it but I'm noticing a lot of "anonymous"esssesss...whatever. Don't be shy! Tell us who you are! I swear we won't stalk you...much.

Fourth, I finally figured out how to make my blog look less...generic. And I wrote a few things in it. I think I have it set up now where if you scroll to the bottom you can subscribe to the feed or something, so when I write something on the blog, you'll know instantly.

Fifth of vodka. Dare me to drive?

That's all! Thanks!!

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