Sunday, July 08, 2007

Weekend Box Office Totals for...I don't know when

This has been a fucked up Box Office Total weekend. New movies came out on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. So let's just roll with it, shall we?

1. I shouldn't be too surprised that this made it in the number 1 spot. I been hearing all kinds of things about this movie, ranging from it sucks to it's awesome. I guess I am gonna have to see this myself. I'm still pissed at Bay though.

2. One day, I'm gonna make a post listing all the CGI films featuring "cute" animals. And I guarentee you that it'll be the longest post I ever made. Enough already, Pixar.

3. I still hate this title, but it still is a kickass movie. What's wrong with Die Hard 4 or the original title "Die Hard 4.0"? Those are a lot better than "Live Free or Die Hard". That doesn't even make sense. Still awesome movie.

4. I wanna see this, only cause John Kransinski is just so fuckin' awesome. Oh and Robin Williams is too. Oh and Mandy Moore is hot.

5. Despite all the bad press, Evan Almighty is sticking around. Good for you.

6. I ALMOST saw 1408 last weekend. But...I opted to get drunk instead. What ya gonna do?

7. Poor Knocked Up, slowly making it's way down and down.

8. Man, didn't Silver Surfer JUST come out? And it's already at number 8? That tells me something...

9. I saw Sicko last weekend. It's very good and is a big eye opener. Don't be surprised if I end up moving to Canada, France, England, or even Cuba. (Yes, Cuba.)

10. Eh, I have nothing to say about this one.

That's it for this week. Let's see what's opening next week.
Hmm....there's Captivity on the 13th (OHH we get a Friday the 13th). And there's a limited release of Rescue Dawn...but what's gonna be number 1? How about..
HARRY FUCKIN POTTER!!! BOOYAH!! Can't believe it's here already. Fuck yeah.

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