Sunday, July 29, 2007

Weekend Box Office Totals for July 27th

1. Simpson's Movie made it to Number 1. Surprised much?

2. Well, at least Chuck and Larry had a good run last week.

3. Well, at least Harry Potter had a good run the past three weeks.

4. I guess a lot of people really wanted to see John Travolta dressed horribly in drag.

5. This movie seems kinda stupid to me, but what do I know about movies where two chefs compete.

6. And....Transformers slowly desends downwards.

7. Rata...whatever is also slowly desending.

8. Weird. A cartoon movie about a rat is doing better than a Die Hard movie. My faith in movies is starting to vanish.

9. Didn't this movie JUST open? Jesus.

10. Well, at least it isn't THIS movie.

Sorry I haven't been doing these each week. I tend to forget or I haven't been home. Let's see what's out next week.
Underdog, El Cantante, Bourne Ultimatum, Hot Rod, Becoming Jane (The hell is this?), and Bratz the Movie. Umm....let's go with Bourne Ultimatum but I really am looking forward to Hot Rod.

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