Saturday, June 07, 2008

Things To Look Out For

I don't think I have quite enough readers where people turn to me for exciting hot button topic news about stuff or whatever. But I thought it'd be a neat new feature to maybe talk about things that either already happened or are going to happen, that sorta effect the circles I run in or something. I dunno, I'm doing this by ear. And yes, all of this is gonna be random.

1. I totally embarass myself at the LAMB. Awhile back headmaster Fletch asked us to partake in this thing where we have to list and rank all the summer blockbusters in order and how much money they'll make. So I do it and I'll admit, as much as I check to see what the top ten movies are each week (I use to post em here until I stopped one day. I don't have any reason, I just stopped.) I have no freakin' clue how it all really works, how much money is a "good amount" or "bad amount" and forget even trying to FORESEE how much a movie is going to make! In the future! This would be a great time to invent a time machine. Anyway. I fill my thing out and sometime later Fletch writes back saying "Uh...the hell is this?" and says my numbers are all out of whack or something, which is strange cause I looked at other people's guesses, and what IMDb said and thought I did it close enough. Guess not. So my entry totally sucks, which really sucks cause I think there was some special prize to whoever got it right. Oh well. I still won "Sirens of the LAMB", I ain't complaining.

2. Apparently Odd Todd liked my review of "High School Musical" so much he included the link in his Thursday's Random Email! That's cool. Of course it's only a matter of time that some teeny boppers who love that/those movie(s) are gonna write in and bitch about how I don't "understand" it cause I'm "old" or something and it's not "for me". And if that happens, I'll be sure to post that email and make fun of it.

3. Thursday the 5th was my birthday! I share a birthday with (I'm not kidding) Mark "Marky" Walhberg AND Kenny G!! Wish you shared a birthday with a pretty decent actor with a large wang and a boring musican, don't ya??

4. Movie I'm looking forward to that isn't "The Dark Knight":
Pineapple Express

5. Moviefone came up with 25 Worst Sequels. Of course I disagree with a few of them (I like Weekend at Bernies 2 OK???) but overall, yeah.

See I did one that had nothing to do with me!

As for this weekend, I'm spending it with my fiancee and we're gonna go see some movies. Probably The Zohan and if I can talk her into it, The Strangers. So there won't be a review this Sunday. Darn, I know.


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Fletch said...

Hey, at least your name's not Michael Bolton.

Congrats on the OT linking!