Friday, June 27, 2008

Five For Friday: June 27th

Here's your Five for today, June 27th, 2008.

1. I Was Everywhere This Week-
This was a super busy week for me. I got (somewhat) noticed by Miss Stacie Final Girl when I participated in her Film Club by updating my review of "Lifeforce". I can't be for sure about this, but I think this film probably had the most people participate, which makes it more awesome for me? I dunno.
Also, in the very slim chance you didn't get it, or were "in on it, my review a few days ago for "The Fast and The Furious" was part of Lazy Eye Theater's Bizarro Blog-A-Thon that was going on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. You should check out the other reviews. Or DON'T check them out. HA!
In my neck of the woods, I reviewed Bratz: The Movie, which damn near made me wanna stop reviewing bad movies as a hobby. Ugh.

2. Kids vs Adults-
There's only two new movies opening up this weekend (three if you count this movie I've never heard of before): Wall-E and Wanted. So it'll pretty much be a battle of who will win this weekend, the kids or the adults? Or maybe...the adults can drop their kids off at Wall-E and go see Wanted. But then again, I wanna see both, since I'm a fan of the Pixar stuff. I have often been told that I'm pretty much a big kid in an adult body. Which explains my obsession with boobies. Heh-heh-heh...boobies.

3. In The "This Can't Possibly Be A Real Movie, Can It?" Department-

I mean, REALLY??? A whole SHITLOAD of people worked, and probably hard, on THAT! I mean...WHAT THE FUCK????

4. Save Midnight Meat Train To Georgia-
I saw this on Myspace so I thought I'd pass the word along. It's a bit lengthy so if you don't care about Midnight Meat Train, then you can skip this number.

A Plea from Clive Barker:

My Dear Friends,
As you may or may not have heard, due to certain politics, "Midnight Meat Train" is in danger of Lionsgate not giving it a wide release. The below email was brought to my attention earlier today and shows a movement, of sorts, in order to get the picture the proper support and release it deserves. I'm asking you to please help spread the word in order for all to enjoy this film. I want to passionately encourage everybody who cares about my work to use this chance to change the minds of the folks at Lionsgate. I'm excited at the prospect of a movement of people who care deeply enough to initiate a campaign such as this.

Anything any of you can do - be it emails, web postings, word of mouth, and the like - to help encourage this movement would be deeply appreciated. The film is worth the effort in my mind, and I do not want to see my work fall by the wayside.

If any of you have any further ideas, thoughts, or suggestions to help with this effort, please let me know.

Thanks, as always, for your help and support.

Much Love,



A very reliable SOURCE from within Lionsgate has told me that the decision to dump Midnight Meat Train in as few as 100 screens and then rush the film to DVD is based purely on INTERNAL POLITICS.

Something along the lines of: the new head honcho does not like the old head honcho so he is deliberately dumping all of his films out of spite and malice.

But there is HOPE. The only thing that overrides backstabbing politics in Hollywood is PURE GREED. It is clearly not healthy for investor relations to dump a movie that has a vocal and dedicated audience.

Midnight Meat Train represents the kind of horror film that audiences have been dying for!!!

There is growing internal pressure within the company for a wider release of this film and PUBLIC FAN PRESSURE may help to push this decision over the edge.

If you wish to see MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN in all its big screen glory at a THEATER near you, please do the following:

Cut and paste the message at the bottom of this post and e-mail it to:

1) Investor relations at Lionsgate:

2) Lionsgate:

3) call Lionsgate at (310) 449-9200 and express your desire to see MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN get the release it deserves.

BE POLITE AND PROFESSIONAL! We do not want to piss them off, just want them to know how many fans out there would like to shell out their hard earned cash to see the most groundbreaking horror film of the past ten years in a real movie theater!



Post this message everywhere, send it to your horror friends and spread the word! We need to act FAST to have an effect!!!


HERE'S A SAMPLE MESSAGE FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE (or feel free to compose your own):

Dear Lionsgate,

As a long time Clive Barker fan, I am writing you to express my strong desire to see "The Midnight Meat Train" on the big screen. Rumors are currently circulating that the film will only be released on a limited basis and I am very concerned that I will miss my opportunity to see the most highly anticipated Clive Barker film in over a decade in all of its big screen glory! There are millions of horror fans like myself who have been disappointed by the recent trend towards watered down PG-13 horror movies. Clive's work represents a return to serious, thought provoking horror movies and with Ryuhei Kitamura at the helm, I am even more excited to experience this collaboration as it was intended: in a packed theater with hundreds of other horror fans like myself!

I urge you to please give this film the release it deserves!

Many thanks,
Here's the trailer:

It looks interesting but I don't see it as some kind of second coming, but I also hate to see anyone's work, especially someone as well respected as Clive Barker, get pushed around and whatnot cause of studio politics. Why should a Clive Barker film be direct to video? Doesn't make sense, man.

5. Shit, Piss, Fuck, Cunt, Cocksucker, Motherfucker, & Tits-
I didn't really write up a thing when George Carlin died earlier this week so I'm doing it now. I really like his comedy, even if I didn't agree with a lot of things he had to say. I think it says somethere where you can disagree with a guy, but still find him funny. His death was pretty shocking and sudden, even though he was 71 or so. He dabbled in movies, which made him somewhat famous for playin Rufus in the Bill & Ted series. He also appeared in a few Kevin Smith films, starting with Dogma and going all the way to Jersey Girl, which I'm sure the failure of it pissed him off and is probably the reason why he wasn't found in Clerks 2. Ironically, I was planning a Kevin Smith blog-a-thon but it wouldn't be until possibly later in July since I still got more shit coming up.
And I'll end this on a question: Does anybody remember The George Carlin Show? I can't recall a single episode but I remember it.

Anyway, I posted a bunch of Youtube clips today so I'll make this a link, plus I know not everyone was into him and stuff so if you wanna see this, you can make the effort to click.
George Carlin on The Ten Commandments (Not The Movie)

Thanks and enjoy!


WaywardJam said...

#3 - I'd seen the posters, but that trailer is stupefying. The saddest part is Salma Hayek is involved in that crap. Demolition Man warned us that Taco Bell would one day rule, this just takes them one step closer to ultimate power!

#4 - I need to send my letter to Lionsgate. I've got to see MMT on the big screen!

Rachel said...

Re: #2-In my theater for Wanted (at 10:00 pm on a Friday night)several people brought their children. So there was no dropping the kids at Wall-E first. The woman on the row in front of us had a baby not even a year old. She fed her a bottle while James McAvoy was getting the crap beaten out of him (not really a spoiler). It was a very surreal moment.

Most people think I'm against animated flicks, but that's simply not true. I just don't want to purposefully spend $9 to sit in a theater that I know will be full of bratty kids. And rarely does it matter if I watch an animated flick on the big screen or on my own big screen at home. They can always wait for Netflix.

Jason Soto said...

To waywardjam: Really? Salma Hayek? Man, you'd think she'd know better.
And like I said on the LAMB forum, if MMT is good or bad, I win either way.

To Rachel:
I hate when people bring their kids to R-rated movies. I never understand it. Anytime I ever go see an R-rated movie, there's always a family with kids and babies there. There were probably kids at the theater showing of "Showgirls" or "Boogie Nights"

WaywardJam said...

Yeah, Salma is in it. I saw the Chihuahua trailer in theaters over the Fourth - some people actually laughed. I felt dumber just from the repeated exposure.