Wednesday, December 17, 2008

You're Being Parodied, Charlie Brown

Much like everyone else, I like the Charlie Brown Christmas Special, even if it is a tad bit depressing. So naturally I looked it up on Youtube and found all these interesting parodies. I'll just post my favorite ones.

Linus sings The Police "Everything She Does Is Magic":

A Charlie Brown Kwanzaa (might be offensive to some people. I would say Not Safe For Work, but I doubt anyone checks my blog while at work. I can't imagine anyone in their office or cubicle going "OH! I must see what stupidity Jason has for us today and I can't wait to get home!")

Here's something from the real thing, Linus explaining the true meaning of Christmas, and the heartfelt ending:

Finally, I literally have the Charlie Brown tree:


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Fletch said...

Sweet - I'd never seen any of those, either. That Sting bit is brilliant. Oh, and I'm pretty sure I've checked your site from work before...