Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Non-Typical Look Back on 2008

I'm sure my fellow LAMBer's are working on, or have already posted, entries on their own Best of 2008 in terms of films and whatnot. I would do that too but since everyone else is doing it why should I? I like to be different, as you can tell. And besides Master Fletch had us pick our top ten films for 2008 already, which should be posted soon on the LAMB. When that's posted I'll be sure to let you know, whoever "you" are.

So what I'll do instead is talk about myself, cause I'm a self centered asshole.

Personally, 2008 was probably the most exciting year I've ever had. Not only did I get to see such great movies as "The Dark Knight" and "Iron Man", and argue with friends about the greatness of other movies such as "Hancock" or "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" (God in a wooden box and a dude pulling out a heart is ok but a lead fridge is too far out, man!), but I got a huge change in my life.

As you no doubt remember, at the end of August I moved from Northwest Indiana to Indianapolis and I was without internet for almost a month. For that month I was so out of touch on what was going on that I was starting to turn Amish. So much so that I grew a beard.

I eventually got back into the swing of things and reviewed my first five-star movie "Basket Case". God I love that damn movie. In fact I'm probably gonna watch it again tonight.

And I got to try out new things in 2008. Such as April's "30 Days of Horror" where every day in April I watched a horror movie. It didn't exactly work out in my favor due to family issues but overall it was a success. Will I be doing it again? I dunno, my work schedule is all messed up now so we'll see.

In January I got to drag my lovely fiancee to B-Fest, a yearly gathering of B-movie nerds and geeks alike. We were sorta locked in a theater for 24 hours watching nothing but bad movies. It was my second time (my first was back in 2004) so I knew what to expect. Felicia said she had fun but we'll see when B-Fest '09 rolls around.

I also got to make some new blogger friends through the LAMB and partake in several exciting events such as "Sirens of the LAMBs" in which I won! (Yay) And I had to write an Oscar report, which I did so talking about the evil of Michael Bay. Apparently I wasn't suppose to do that and suppose to talk about the award itself but that seemed too boring. And plus Fletch liked it, so whatever haterz! Pwnd!

In the Mass Invasion front, we had 3. Battlefield Earth, Showgirls, and Dolemite. I can't speak for everyone but I enjoy doing these Mass Invasions so more will be coming in 2009.

I landed my first interview, sort of, with an actual film maker, sort of. When I got an email from the director of "Fear of Clowns" I thought for sure I was dead. But he turned out to be a real cool guy, that is until he forced me to watch the sequel. Well played, Mr. Kangas. Well played.

And in 2008 I got to be a teenager again when I watched four, count 'em, FOUR horrible films aimed for the tween generation. I will possibly never be the same again.

And remember the Guilty Pleasures Blog-A-Thon? Hells yes I will be doing that again.

And finally, I made my first solo short film entitled "Birthday Present". I was making it during April's "30 Days of Horror" so you know April was an exhausting month for me.

Well that's some of cool things I've done this year. What does 2009 hold? I guess nobody knows. So let's just find out together, shall we?

PS: New weekly event will be announced tomorrow. Stay tuned!


Fletch said...

You had a damn busy year. How's the beard?

Oy...don't get me started on Crystal Skull again!

Jason Soto said...

Yeah 2008 was a busy year for me. Most of it is thanks to the LAMB so thanks for making such a great community and letting me be part of it.

And sorry I keep bringing up Crystal Skull. It was on so many "worst" lists that it bugged me cause I don't see it but whatever. I swear I won't mention it again.