Friday, June 18, 2010


So you all been seeing me post about the LAMMY's and how I was nominated in two categories: Funniest Writer and Best Horror/Sci-Fi Blog. Well, I'm sad to announce that I'm only second funniest behind Stacie Ponder at "Final Girl", which makes sense cause she's definately way more funnier than I and Doug combined.

(See, I bet you didn't even get that. "Who's Doug?" you're probably asking, not knowing I'm trying to do a play on words with "funny/Funnie". Yeah, Stacie deserved that award.)

But in an ironic twist, "Final Girl", who's blog name is a horror movie definition, DID NOT win Best Horror/Sci-Fi Blog because...

I did.

I know! How awesome is that!

Unfortuately I was away in my hiding place editing The Lair when the news broke so I couldn't be there in person to accept my award. So I made this video accepting my award. Fletch, the award you sent is pretty damn good.

Alright, well I get to ride on the high that is this win for another year. In your face, Daniel Day-Lewis!


TJMAC510 said...

awesomness! I loved the acceptance speech (now I just have to find a lamb somewhere) and congrats. I personally voted you as the funniest and best horror/sci-fi but hey at least you got one of them. Kudos

Nolahn said...

Congrats! My one regret was that I wasn't there with you so I could cut in with my own Kanye moment.

Rachel said...

Ha! Great acceptance speech. Congrats on the win!

Fletch said...

That was fantastic, with of course the highlight being the voiceover parts. See, this is why you won Funniest LAMB....oh wait...

Jason Soto said...

Travis-Thanks for the votes! I got tied for second place and Stacie is really funny so she deserves it.

Nolahn-That would've been awesome. "Jason, I respect you and I'll let you finish, but I feel Final Girl is the best horror/sci-fi blog out there."


Fletch-I guess I didn't bribe you enough. ;)

Reel Whore said...

Sweet speech. I was totally lame and just put up my banner. I plan to remedy that this week...but not with anything nearly as cool as yours.