Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer of '90's: 1990-Sorority House Massacre 2: Nighty-Nightmare

With 1990 winding up here, I just have to-HAVE TO-talk about this movie. I've seen this movie more times then I care to admit. And yes, it is a sequel to a movie, which I haven't seen, but I'm sure I really don't need to see it cause this movie is just great on it's own. Much like "Silent Night, Deadly Night".

In this movie, five random skanks decide to randomly start a sorority in an abandoned a residental neighborhood. I forget the skanks names, it's not important really, but one of them has the worst accent ever. I don't even know what she's suppose to be. British? Australian? Brazilian? Martian? No fuckin' idea.

Anyway, the skanks get settled into the house, soon the clothes start coming off, there's a gratutious shower scene, and the drinking starts. Then right when it gets dark outside, the neighbor across the screet decides to introduce himself and he is easily the best fuckin' character in the whole entire movie.

I swear to you his name is Orville Ketchup, despite the ending credits calling him Orville Ketchum. But EVERYBODY in the movie is clearly saying "Ketchup" so his name is Orville Ketchup, ok? Anyway, Orville Ketchup is this weird looking guy who's pretty anti-social and he decides to tell the skanks a story.

The story is about the former resident of the house this sorority is now in named Hocksetter. One day Old Man Hocksetter decided to go nuts and kill some other random skanks and all of this is told through a helpful flashback. Eventually the cops showed up and killed Hocksetter in his place.

And with that, Orville Ketchup just leaves. Thanks. Say hi to Mean Mr. Mustard.

So then the fun begins when one of the skanks shows up dead and everything thinks its Orville Ketchup...even though they see him outside the house trying to get in. Orville Ketchup tries all kinds of ways to get into the house and no matter what, the girls find all sorts of ways to stop the guy: throw him off the roof, slam his head into a bunch of wood, even give him a swirlie in the toilet.

But the body's keep piling up until it's one girl and bad accent girl. Then the truth is revealed and this is fucking stupid but I swear this is what happened:

The bad accent girl...IS POSSESSED BY HOCKSETTER!! And the only person to stop him/her is...ORVILLE KETCHUP! Orville Ketchup pulls out a soul destroying gun and shoots bad accent girl, but not before she kills the other girl. Then a mover shows up with some cops and the cops shoot Orville Ketchup pretty point blank in the body...AND HE SURVIVED!!! He just has some scratches on him and he's ok! Movie's over!

It may sound like the most retarded movie in the world, and it is, but it's also fucking awesome. I'm telling you, Orville Ketchup needs to be in more movies. He's the greatest. He's this weird guy who can't die and he's suppose to be a good guy. I mean..WHAT??

As of this writing, its only available on VHS, which I am clutching to my A-Cup bosom as we speak. If anyone does have a DVD copy of this, please, pass the wealth.


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