Tuesday, September 14, 2010

If You Like Invasion of the B Movies

I get all kinds of email for different things. Some are people telling me about a movie they made, but I gotta go to some festival in Coldasfuck, Maine to see it. Some are people who say things like "we got this new PRODUCT that I think your readers will like. If you make an entire post saying HOW AWESOME OUR PRODUCT IS and puts ads for it all over, we'll send you 30 cents a day!" And sometimes I get things from people who do stuff outdoors. I don't know where these outdoors people get the notion that I do ANYTHING outdoors. Talk about barking up the wrong blog.

But once in a great while, something slips through the email pipeline that I actually enjoy. One such occurance occured yesterday. I got a email from a fellow named Awesome Bill and he runs a blog called Good Times with Bad Movies. And he's one hilarious motherfucker.

I only poked around his blog for a bit but his review of "Dr. Giggles" is 10 times better than mine.

I'm gonna try to encourage him to be a LAMB, but you can lead a bad movie blogger to water but you can't make him drink the PBR. Anyway. Check out this dude's site. He lives in a haunted house for Christ sakes. Give him some love.

Good Times with Bad Movies

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ABFL said...

You sir, are awesome. And I have in fact submitted the blog to LAMB.