Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Summer of 90's-1992: Dr. Giggles

Well. "Dr. Giggles". Hm...

Yeah well...Larry Drake, you see, he was popular? Eh.

Ok, I don't know how to start this damn review. So you're gonna get thrown right into it, ok? Ok.

We're in the town of Mooreshigh and a bunch of years ago, the town doctor Dr. Rendell had a wife who had a heart problem. The more sick she got, the more crazier he got. He got so crazy that he went around randomly killing people and taking their hearts to "fix her broken heart". The townspeople eventually got wind of this and in true "Nightmare on Elm Street" fashion, instead of getting the police involved, or even the F.B.I, they just got together and killed the doctor. It was well known he had a son, Evan Junior, but he somehow escaped.

Flashforward to "present day" (AKA 1992) and Dr. Evan Rendell, Jr AKA Dr. Giggles, has escaped a mental hospital and is going back to Mooreshigh for revenge! We then meet Jennifer, who is dating Max. She has a heart condition (uh oh) and can't do much of anything.

On the final day of school, everyone goes out and parties! Jennifer doesn't feel like getting it on with Max, who has constant blue ball syndrome. Meanwhile, Dr. Giggles is getting set up at his old childhood home and has decided to kill the townspeople, one by one.

The way he kills the people is a treat. He basically uses comically giant sized versions of medical tools. He uses a giant tongue depressor, giant nose scope thingy, he even has a fuckin' band-aid big enough to cover Andre the Giant. Oh and a goofy slasher movie wouldn't be complete without a bunch of groan-worthy one-liners, all medical related.

"You're lucky I make house calls!"
"This will hurt you more than it will me!"
"Sounds like you need a second opinion!"
"Don't worry, it's ouchless!" (Said after killing someone with the band-aid)
"Is there a doctor in the house?"

So clearly, this movie is NOT suppose to be taken seriously, which is good cause there's a shitload of flaws and continuity errors in this movie.

Eventually, he sets his sights on Jennifer's heart problem, flashbacking to his mom's problems. He manages to snag her and take her back to his home/office to operate on him. Earlier, some cops were checking out Dr. Giggle's place and the old timey cop who looked like Lorne Green or Ernest Borgnine tells the story of how Young Evan escaped the house.

Evan Senior pretty much sewed Junior into the dead body of his mother and at the morgue, Junior cut his own way out. They show this in great detail and is a pretty cool scene, honestly. What they DON'T explain is how he ended up in the mental hospital or why he waited so long to get his revenge.

But whatever.

The last 20 minutes is your typical slasher movie with the good guy and the cop trying to rescue the girl and the killer won't die. He even fuckin' explodes and that doesn't stop him. The girl later eventually stops him. Cookie-cutter stuff. But the trip through the typical stuff is a fun ride.

This is far from a "great" movie, but it's pretty damn fun. Larry Drake, who's only two famous roles (That I'm aware of) is the bad guy in "Darkman", and the "mentally challenged guy" on "L.A Law", was pretty good as a one-liner saying crazy ass doctor. He's kind weird looking anyway so playing a scary dude is pretty much right up his alley.


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ABFL said...

I remember watching this as a kid with my dad before he passed away. It remains one of my favorite movies. Thanks for doing it justice!