Monday, September 20, 2010

Jason Made A Video #4

After arriving a week into the future, Jason talks about some purchases, then recommends a book. Then you get to see the saddest thing ever filmed, a Trivial Pursuit question, and some B-Movie Talk.


Nick said...

Interesting, as always!

Fletch said...

Still wondering what happened to Jason 2.

No Cokie this time out? (or whatever his/her name is) Sad. :(

I really like these, but think they could be a bit shorter. 7-8 minutes, maybe?

Nick said...

I'm with Dylan. These are great, but they could be a tad shorter.

Jason Soto said...

I don't get what you mean by what happened to Jason 2.

And funny you guys think these are too long. All four of these videos I had to edit DOWN so they wouldn't be LONGER. I dunno, I just can't find stuff to cut. Plus I think most of it goes by fast enough so you don't notice the time? Maybe?

I'll try but I was gonna start a new segment which is probably about 5 minutes long. So we'll see.

And yes, Dylan. Cokie. I'll explain that in the next video.