Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I'm Excited!

If you're tired of hearing me talk about "Paranormal Activity" well too bad cause I'm gonna talk about it!

I remember when the first movie was released. It was 2009. September of that year, we went on Vacation to L.A and while somewhere (I forget) we saw these passes for a "Special Screening of a new horror film" and they needed an audience to view it. Unfortunately, it was the night before we were due to fly out at 6AM or something so we couldn't go.

Turns out this viewing was used in the official trailer for "Paranormal Activity". Damn.

Last year, "Paranormal Activity 2" came out and we were there opening night. Everyone knows by now the horrible story of us watching the first film in theater. This time, the experience wasn't as bad because everybody was interested in what was happening on screen. Even though I saw a lot of mistakes in the film, which I won't point out cause I'm not that much of a nitpicker.

Now here we are, 2011 and we got the third film in the series. I knew based on the ending of Part 2 there was going to be a part 3 but I wasn't sure what was going to happen. Well, if you haven't already, here's the trailer. Watch it and there'll be a test on it.

So based off the trailer, we know it's a prequel, which (SPOILER ALERT!) is funny cause Part 2 was more or less a prequel. So a prequel to a prequel. Interesting. I like how they focus on what happened to them when they were kids. And it was 1988, when home video cameras were new, costed $3000, and weighed 90 pounds. So this should be interesting.

I will be there opening weekend (night if I can manage it) and hope there isn't any douchebags around to ruin it. You know, two years ago, I wouldn't have ever figured out that this would be a popular series, considering how much people seemed to hate the first film. Me? I was pretty creeped out by the whole thing. Plus the chick that played Katie was hot. So yeah...

Anyway, my last question is where do you think it'll go for here? I mean, we could get like 1960's Zappurder-like video but since those cameras had no sound, I wouldn't know how that'd work. Maybe old drawings of this demon in a book? I dunno. I guess we'll see.

For now, I'm curious about something. What happens if I hold up a mirror to the above trailer during the "Bloody Mary" part? Hm...let's find out!

Ok, nothing yet. Nothing yet. Noth


Matt-suzaka said...

I really liked both the first and second film. They did a nice job of connecting the first two films and I think the sequel, despite its flaws, is a very solid horror film.

The idea of doing another prequel is quite interesting. It could either be a really bad or brilliant idea depending n how things play out. The thing I like about it is the fact that this time it will be little kids that are haunted. It ads a new level to the horror, and that mirror scene in the trailer is pretty awesome!

I certainly look forward to this one!

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking PA 4 will be the events that happen after the end of 2 and an unofficial sequel to Rosemary's Baby. It will also likely be the first widely considered failure in the series.

Looking forward to 3. Haven't watched the trailer, didn't watch the trailer for 2 or 1. Loved going in knowing very little.

Dylan said...

Please stop spreading this vicious rumor that the first PA chick is hot. It's giving the word 'hot' a bad name.

Jason Soto said...

I beg to differ! The chick from "PA" is fuckin' hot!