Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Troll 2 Drinking Game

In a couple of weeks, at my house, I'm having a little get together with some friends and we're gonna watch "Troll 2". I said in the invite that we're gonna play a small variation of a Troll 2 Drinking Game, that I'm making up now. We're only gonna do a few cause I don't want everyone to be completely wasted and I only have so much room for people to sleep over. Before I get to it, my lawyer as advised me to include the following disclaimer:

Please drink at your own discretion. You do not have to drink alcohol to do this drinking game. Any beverage of your choice will work. Do not play this game with alcohol and drive home or do anything stupid. I do not want to be sued because I have no money. This is only for fun.

There, I think I'm covered. Next, if you are going to drink alcohol, what type should you drink? I asked my resident booze expert Adam and this is whathe said:
"The ones I can think of are Cream de menthe, apple schnapps, and green Chartreuse (as opposed to yellow). And there's absinthe, but that's expensive and you need an absinthe spoon and other stuff. Your best bet is to probably google Halloween drinks or St. Patrick Day drinks and see what's in your budget. There's always beer & green food coloring, but you'd have to use a light colored beer."

So there you go. Now that you got your beverage of choice, let's play The Troll 2 Drinking Game!

Take a drink whenever

-the main kid Joshua says "Grandpa", "Grandpa Seth" or any variation of Grandpa.
-someone mentions Nilbog.
-something that's happening on screen is confusing to you, and doesn't relate to anything that happened or will happen.
-something green appears.
-you see the troll/goblins in their real form.
-there's any gay overtones.
-it appears the actors are struggling with their lines.
-there's any mention of meat.
-Grandpa gets Josh in some sort of trouble.
and finally, finish whatever you're drinking if you understand ANYTHING that happening in this movie.

So there's the Troll 2 Drinking Game. Remember to play responsibly and have fun!


Michael Van Zant said...

I've tried a variation of this theme and wound up too shitfaced after 30 minutes to carry on. I was doing tequila shots, beer shots probably would have been doable.

Tom Clift said...

Finish your drink when you're uncomfortably turned on by corn...

nolahn said...

"Something green appears"

You're trying to hospitalize people, aren't you?

Fogs said...

Dude. Did this actually get played? I know its an old post.

I think people would have DIED.

The "Grandpas!" alone would have $@#%ing killed people.

BACs of .525, anyone?