Thursday, July 14, 2011

What's A Soto To Do?!?

As I'm sure everybody heard by now, Netflix is changing their subscription packages. Last month, I changed mine to one DVD and unlimited streaming, which was probably a mistake cause now I'm a week behind on the Lair, but that's my own damn fault. But now with their new package, if I keep the one DVD and unlmited streaming, I'll have to pay 16 bucks a month...oh and in case you didn't know Netflix charges TAX so it's more like 17 bucks.

That sucks.

So I'll probably just keep the $9.99 route and go with one or the other. Here's the thing: 90% of the movies reviewed on The Site I get from Netflix. And since I can't get screen grabs from the Netflix Instant Watch...something has to give.

Sure, I could just give up the streaming and get 1 DVD...but we just spent a small amount of money to set up the living room TV to watch the streaming on Netflix. I hate to just give that up so quickly. I'm not 100% sure what I'm gonna do yet but I'm leaning towards stop doing reviews on The Site, only do them on The Blog and keep The Site around to house The Lair, the older reviews, and maybe once in awhile do a "Date My Mom" or whatever.

I know there are other things I could do, like buy the movies I intend to review, go to Redbox, or go to a still open video store. Here's my cons on those options:
1. Too expensive
2. Redbox fucking sucks.
3. The closest open video store is like 25 minutes from me.

Again, I dunno what I'm gonna do. I have until September to figure this shit out. In the meantime, I'll try to roll out as much as I can.

Speaking of, my new Horror Thursday is up. I reviewed "The Signal". Check it, yo!


cinemasights said...

You can get screen grabs from netflix instant if you find the proper program. I used one called picpick. It's a bit annoying because the window pops up every time you take a screen, but it works.

Jason Soto said...

James: I had no idea you could do that. I'll put that into consideration when I think about what to do.

Fred [The Wolf] said...

I'm on the same boat as you are. I decided to do the streaming only before the changes take effect. Even though the DVD selection is greater and I use a lot of the DVD stuff for my longer video reviews, I feel I would get more out of my money with the streaming option. I wouldn't have to wait 3 or 4 days for a new DVD when I could watch 4 movies a day on the streaming option. It sucks that they did this and on incredibly short notice as well [I heard they didn't want customers knowing about this until a week or two before the change - how f'd up is that?]. But they already said that they want out of the DVD business due to postage costs, so I'll stick with the streaming for now. I guess I'll have to find other means to see newer films that aren't on Instant.

Michael Van Zant said...

Same problem here - probably just going to wind up keeping my one dvd/unlimited streaming and pay double for it. I don't agree with the increase, but it's still a great deal because we don't have cable and my internet's only $15 a month. I'm hoping they'll ramp up the streaming selection with the proceeds from these ill-gotten gains.

Stabford Deathrage said...

I just dropped mine to Streaming only. Streaming Netflix was my go-to for crap (and I watch a lot of crap), the DVDs just sit around, so I'll just pay-per-view for now.

Dylan said...

Stream, stream, baby.