Thursday, December 08, 2011

The Netflix Corner #6

Howdy all! This week's movie recommendation is gonna be a favorite '80s movie of mine. And that's gonna be "House".

No, not the TV show. OR the weird Japanese film. The film starring William Katt AND Norm from "Cheers". AND Bull from "Night Court". If only Alan Thicke made an appearance. Anyway, if you haven't seen "House" check it out!

With that done, time for The Netflix Game! I can't believe no one got the hard one last week. I didn't think it was THAT hard. Anyway, here's your scores and answers.

Dan, Steve-1

Hard: In order to prove himself, this guy must do dangerous things.-Hot Rod
Medium: A man is sent into a prison to look for a very important person.-Escape From New York
Easy: An inexperienced man tries to have sex. Hilarity ensues.-40-Year-Old Virgin

And this week:
Hard: A kid gets a Christmas gift that immediately causes a whole bunch of trouble.
Medium: An out of towner messes up a robbery.
Easy: An angry person ruins a towns Christmas. Maybe.

Good luck!


Dan Heaton said...

Hard: Child's Play
Easy: A Christmas Carol

Still thinking about Medium.

Jason Soto said...

Nope to both. Good direction though!

Dylan said...

Hard: Gremlins
Medium: Trapped in Paradise
Easy: Christmas with the Kranks?

Rachel said...

Easy sounds like The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

Rachel said...

And Medium could be Die Hard.

Dylan said...

Ugh...Medium is totally Die Hard. Has to be!

Dan Heaton said...

Okay, how about this?

Hard: A Christmas Story

SJHoneywell said...

Easy--It's a Wonderful Life

Nick said...

Easy - 8 Crazy Nights?

Jason Soto said...

Dylan got Hard!
Rachel has Medium and Easy! Congrats!

Kev D. said...

Fred Dekker wrote this and Night of the Creeps in the same year!

Sadly the film's director Steve Miner eventually went on to direct Day of the Dead: The Need to Feed twenty years later...

Looks like I'm too late to guess. I had Die Hard, but didn't get the other two...

Great Post!