Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Netflix Corner #7

In a film that seems to have people split, I'm gonna have to go with:

I had so much fun watching this movie. I have to wonder if the people who didn't like this movie took it too seriously? I mean, I'm sure they didn't. But it's an awful lot of fun. Weird characters, strange situations, fuckin' Rutger Hauer! I mean, what more do you need, man??

Onto The Netflix Game! Last week we had some new players! I'm always glad to see that. Let's see how the scores look:

Rachel, Dylan-3
Dan, Steve-1

Last weeks answers:
Hard: A kid gets a Christmas gift that immediately causes a whole bunch of trouble.-Gremlins
Medium: An out of towner messes up a robbery.-Die Hard
Easy: An angry person ruins a towns Christmas. Maybe.-How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Here's this week's clues. Have fun!

Hard: Two men go searching for a new Santa Claus.
Medium: A lovable drunk guy helps out a kid.
Easy: Two best friends go searching for a Christmas tree. Misadventure ensues.

Good luck!


Nick said...

Easy - Charlie Brown Christmas?
Medium - Bad Santa

Nick said...

or Easy - A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas

Jason Soto said...

Nick got medium and easy (Harold and Kumar) Hard still available!

Dan Heaton said...

Hard - Ernest Saves Christmas!

Jason Soto said...

And boom goes the dynamite! Dan got the hard! Congratulations!

Nick said...

Sonofabitch! I was actually going to say Ernest Saves Christmas, but I was like "nah... that's can't be it." I could have had a run, damnit.

Dan Heaton said...

Yes! I've finally escaped being stuck at 1 point. Look out Nick!