Monday, December 10, 2012

The Final Contest Ever!!!

In a mere 20 days or so, I will be closing up shop here forever. I hate to keep reminding you of that, but it's the truth. That's just how I roll. Or something. Anyway, I thought this would be a perfect time for me to have one final contest, a pretty easy one (for me anyway). Everyone seem to LOVE screen capture games (Courtney over at Big Thoughts from a Small Mind has a pretty neat one here) so I thought I'd do a All-Horror Edition! 

What's below are screen captures from 15 horror movies. They range from super popular horror movies all the way to maybe only two people (including myself) have seen the movie. So the difficulty should be mixed for everybody. 

1. I will have the comments closed on this post. In order to submit your answers you MUST MUST MUST email them to me at
2. The contest will run until December 25th. On the 26th I shall post the answers AND the winners.
3. You can email me as many times you want between now and the 25th with your answers. Meaning if you figured out a couple a few days after sending in your answers, you can send those in as well.
4. The person who gets the MOST right will win a prize! It will be something cool. I haven't figure out what exactly yet but it will be cool. Maybe a DVD. Maybe a gift card. Maybe a special T-Shirt. It will be one if not all three of those things. 
5. In the event of a tie, I will have a tie breaker that will be posted on the 26th and hope something is resolved. If not, I'll just give it to whoever I like the most. (That part is a joke. Honest.)

And finally, if you can figure out what #15 is without any help, you will officially be my favorite person ever! It probably is the hardest one out of the batch and I will be impressed! With that said, enough of my yammering, here are the pics!
















Good luck!