Wednesday, July 16, 2008

If That's What It's All About...

Some exciting news to report from my life.

As of last week, me and my fiancee offically got our first apartment together with a move-in date by September 1st. So I'm gonna be leaving lil ol' Northwest Indiana and moving to Indianapolis, IN, the dead center of Indianer.

Of course the date is way over a month from now but there's a lot to prepare for this. Plus I have a lot of crap, with 90% of that crap being my movies and MST3K episodes. So I got a few things floating around here that I probably don't want anymore. I'm debating on what to do with them

I might have a contest/auction/something for them here since they are mildly movie related. I'll keep you posted on that.

But what all this means is updates and posts from me is gonna be few and far inbetween until I'm settled in "Naptown" (cause you see the word "nap" is in IndiaNAPolis so...yeah.) I do got one final "Ugh Teenage Girl Movie" to watch that should've been done weeks ago but...I'm lazy. I admit it.

I will still post some favorite reviews in honor of my 3 year anniversary but as for actual reviews, yeah those might be non-existant for a bit. But I think my readers are use to that by now, which sucks and I apologize.

So that's it. Later.

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