Monday, March 22, 2010

Unexpect The Expected

I got so much shit going on, it feel like I live in a toilet.

To the 3 people that followed me since I started this blog, you know that the previous two April's I did a thing called "30 Days of Horror" where every day in April I watched a horror movie, mainly ones I haven't seen. The first one, in 2008, was a success, even though I didn't techically do all 30 days, due to family emergency issues. The following year, 2009, I had to give up mid-way because my new job fucking sucks and instead of having a normal work schedule, I'm thrown about like a 2 dollar whore in Texas. Meaning, I didn't have the time to watch and write about a movie on certain days so I had to scrap it.

This year, I'm not even gonna attempt it, even though I'd love to do a successful one. Maybe I'll try in October, as cliche as it sounds. In the meantime, though, I'm just gonna do my usual crap which may or may not consist of:

1. A surprise that only a handful of people know about. And that handful better not ruin the surprise.
2. A review for the B-Movie Meatloaf. Funny story. Each time the Meatloaf is about to start, the creators of said Meatloaf let someone pick the theme. Apparently it was my turn this time around. Imagine my surprise so I scrambled to find something. I looked through my movie collection and come up with lame ideas like "Movies featuring characters named Dave" or "movies where a person is killed with a juice box" or even "Guys that wear socks". Then it hit me and I picked the best them evar!!! So that review SHOULD be posted tomorrow (or later today, depending on when you're reading this. If you're reading this past Monday, then why are you so late to the game, hmmmm????)
3. Yes, I swear I'll do the Razzie's reviews soon. I gotta get the movies, ya know. Unless one of you guys wants to donate a copy of "All About Steve" and/or "Transformers 2: The Quickening" to me.
4. Speaking of, I got a copy of a movie I wanna give away so I'm gonna have a contest of sorts. Details to follow.
5. Next months podcast is gonna be off the chain, fa shizzle.
6. I probably didn't mention this but now I'm gonna. I started another movie blog. This one is titled "Jason's Movie Bucket List". And it's where I watch supposed GOOD movies and talk about that experience. Before any of my hardcore fans (all 2 of you) grumble about this, I am not selling out or whatever. THAT's the side project. This blog and site right here is my main passion and it always will be. I swear.
7. One of my favorite movie bloggers is finally a LAMB, sort of thanks to me! I never introduced a blog to the LAMB before (well I did once but I got shafted in the "How did you hear about the LAMB" section, but whatever it's not about fame and glory or whatever) and it's neat that I made a difference and stuff. If you haven't, you should totally check out TheGreatWhiteDope's Mecha-Blogzilla
8. Since I'm not doing 30 Days in April, I WILL be doing something towards the end of that month. I'll reveal what that is later.

I love that most of these numbers is about stuff that I'm not coming out and saying what they are yet. Aw fuck it, here they are in no particular order:
The Asylum
The Asylum
All the Nightmare on Elm Street films
Total Recall
Mass Invasion

There. Spoiler's spoiled. Hope you're happy.

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Wings said...

I hope you keep a list of what's going on, cause just reading it got me all confused! hahaha

Good luck!