Wednesday, July 07, 2010


I just came across this.

I want this to be real. I WANT this to be real.

Here's a news article stating that it is real but I've read stuff about stuff being real and it turned out to not be real. You can read the entire article but I wanna point out something specific:

The film has gained a cult following since its appearance on "Mystery Science Theater 3000," spawning several stage adaptations and even a documentary on the film.

STAGE Adaptation?! There was a STAGE ADAPTATION!! Why the fuck was I not informed of this! I want to see a stage adaptation of Manos! Fuck that, I wanna PUT ON a stage adaptation!

Aw, who am I kidding? I'm having a hard enough time finding people to come over to watch a movie, who am I gonna get to be in a stage adaptation of a movie?


My thoughts on this trailer:
-I like the guy playing Torgo. I don't get what's he's doing in the beginning though. And what's up with the chest tattoo? Torgo didn't have that...did he?
-The second wife shown is pretty fuckin' hot. I bet the third wife, the old lady, was someone involved with the first movie.
-I love the remix of the Manos song. The hand dancing, although impressive, went on a bit too long.
-Again, the guy playing Torgo is awesome. When they cut to him during the hand dancing, I laughed at those moments.
-Finally, the bit at the end with The Master spoofing the Bill O'Reilly thing was good. I wonder if this is what the entire movie is gonna be like.

Yes, I can't wait. This better be worth the 3 year wait. Wait...2013? But the world's gonna end in 2012!!! GASP!!!!!!!!

PS: For those confused, here's my review of Manos: The Hands of Fate

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ABFL said...

I want to be IN the stage edition. For my hands are in fact hands of fate.