Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Post In Which I Guess How Nick Jobe Will React

So if you don't know, for some reason, Mr. Nicholas Jobe over at Random Ramblings of a Demented Doorknob, is in the middle of his 50/50 where he asked people to suggest movies for him to watch. Coming up in May, it'll be my month! I got excited and gave Nick my list of movies and now that it's coming up next week, I can't wait! But anytime I suggested a movie to Nick, I tend to oversell it and he ends going "Meh" and gets pissed off at me. So I'm not gonna say anything to Nick about any of the movies.

At least to him. Instead, I'll try to figure it out in this post and at the end of the month, see if I'm right! And hopefully Nick will resist the urge to read this until the end of the month so he too can see if I'm right.

First up, he'll be taking on "The Re-Animator".

Why I Think Nick Will Like It: He LOVES zombie films and this is a fucking awesome zombie film. But...
Why I Think Nick WON'T Like It: He seems to only like traditional zombie films and this isn't a traditional zombie film. In fact, he told me he hates "Return of the Living Dead" only because the zombies talk. And in this movie, the zombies talk but they do a WHOLE lot more. So maybe all the craziness will win Nick over.
My Verdict: He'll like it but have problems with it.

Next: "Lone Wolf McQuade"

Why I Think Nick Will Like It: He likes dumb action films, at least most of the time. And it's really ridiculous.
Why I Think Nick WON'T Like It: I'm not sure if he's seen a Chuck Norris film before and if he knows how stupid they can be. Plus as much as I love Nick like a brother, he does have the problem of not turning his brain off at times and this is a movie you don't need a brain for. BUT! There's the one awesome scene that I won't describe in case Nick does read this that I think he'll go "Oh ok, this movie is awesome".
My Verdict: This will have the middle of the road rating, which will upset me cause it's fucking Chuck Norris vs David Carradine! C'mon!

"Monster Squad"

Why I Think Nick Will Like It: It's good goofy fun.
Why I Think Nick WON'T Like It: I think I made a mistake actually. You actually need to see this movie when you're a kid, then forget about it for 20 years, then rediscover it as an adult. It's more of a nostalgic film than anything else and Nick won't have that factor cause, well, he didn't see it. Watching this movie for the first time as an adult is probably going to be tricky. But again, he'll probably surprise me.
My Verdict: Gut feeling tells me he'll hate it but we'll see.

"Escape From New York"

Why I Think Nick Will Like It: It's fucking Kurt Russell as a bad ass! This is the epitome of a bad ass motherfucking movie. If he hates this movie, he has problems.
Why I Think Nick WON'T Like It: Due to everybody telling him "YOU NEED TO SEE THIS MOVIE NOW!!!" and having the overhype-ness running around in his brain.
My Verdict: He'll probably have to watch it again. I know he hates those words.

"Friday the 13th Part 6: Jason Lives"

Why I Think Nick Will Like It: It's fucking goofy as hell! It's unlike any other "Friday the 13th" film that even if he hates the series, he should love this movie.
Why I Think Nick WON'T Like It: He better like it! God damn it!
My Verdict: BEST MOVIE EVER!!!

Ok, those are my guesses. We'll see how he does at the end of the month. In the meantime, I was on the newest episode of The Demented Podcast where we talked about "Scream" and "Behind The Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon" and I attempted The Tower again. I'm just gonna tell you now, I fucking SUCKED at  The Tower, but you can go here and try to find the episode.

ALSO! As you know, I was on The Vlog, so Nick got all of us "actors" together to do commentary on the overall series and it was a fucking load of fun. You can listen to the craziness here.

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