Monday, April 02, 2012

HA HA! Fooled You!

So did you get it? I'm thinking many of you didn't get the awesome hilarious April Fool's prank that I pulled yesterday. To tell you what it was, let's take it back to the beginning, when I came up with the idea. Back in late February.

Every April 1st, I do some kind of joke or prank here at Invasion of the B-Movies, whether it's pretend to review a "good" movie or make you think the website is down. While thinking about it, I was looking at other websites and I came across James' website Cinema Sights and it hit me. So I hit back. After that was done, I emailed James and told him my plan. He LOVED the idea and said "let's do it!"

The plan was simple. Basically on that day we'd swap reviews. He would watch and review a movie that he normally reviews, which are usually artsy classic films, and I'd do the same but the movies I normally cover here, which....aren't artsy or classic by any means. The different genres of movies plus the different writing styles would make for a HILARIOUS prank on our readers. I'm sure James' readers would be like "MY WORD! What is this filth! I DARE SAY!!" while adjusting their monocles. And my readers would be like "FUCKIN' DUDE, YO!! You be reviewin' some WEIRD shit, dude!! WTF?!?!?!?!?"

Sadly, what ended up happening was...nothing really. Honestly, I have no idea if you guys got the joke or not. In a way, I kinda hope you didn't cause that'd be funny but lack of comments or mentioning it (save for two people, thanks Steve and Dave) didn't really tell me if it worked or not. I emailed James last night telling him I don't think it worked and he agreed. We both still think it's funny and had fun with the idea. But now we're gonna take the reviews down and post them in their proper place. So in case you weren't aware, my review of "Long Island Cannibal Massacre" will be up sometime later today.

With that said, I hope you all had a great April 1st and hopefully your pranks didn't involve dying. As a special thanks, I leave you with this:



Dylan said...

As I told James, maybe you guys got too antsy and let the cat out of the bad too quickly - I hadn't seen either and it's too late now.

An alternate idea (and what I thought it was gonna be) would be to still have the "proper" movies for each site but have them actually reviewed by the other person under the original owner's name. So you'd still put up a Croc review, only James would be the one that wrote it.

SJHoneywell said...

I loved it. I knew something was up, because there's no way you'd ever review Pierrot le Fou.

That was the source of my comment--I knew there was something fishy (although not specifically what), and I loved the idea of you writing like that, if only for a day, just to mess with the rest of us.

Loved it.

Jason Soto said...

Dylan: Reading what James said on his site, I agree with him. It was only meant for yesterday. Any other time, it would've been less funny and probably not even make sense. We both agreed to take the reviews down this morning and place them in the proper sites. So I dunno what else to say to that.

Steve: Yeah, when James told me what he was reviewing I said "Oh...ok." I never heard of it and probably don't ever plan on watching it. And I figured if ANYBODOY out there would appreciate what we did, it would be you. :)