Tuesday, February 13, 2007

New Feature: The Worst of Internet Video

Kinda inspired by "Web Junk" on VH1, but I'm making it my own. And this won't be a set thing, like every day or week, just whenever I come across the most god awful piece of video I've ever seen.

What, pray tell, made me start this? This video right here:

Worse enough someone thought to make their "own music video" for the song "Barbie Girl", the entire thing is just...I don't know what. The people "singing" clearly aren't even trying to sing. The guy in the video looks like he's being forced to do this, which I'm sure he was. And the scenes outside...don't even get me started.

At least the girl was hot. That might explain why this guy was in it.

"Dave, if you'll be in my Barbie Girl video, I'll take my top off."
"Aw, Cindi, I hate that song! And I was just a fetus when that song was out."
"Pweeese?!" *Slowly pulls her top up, showing her tummy*
"Uhhh...." *Boner* "What do I gotta do again?"

Video camera: $250
Computer to edit the video: $350
A blowjob and a nice look at a girls tits: Priceless.

Enjoy! Or not...

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