Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Seriously, We Don't Need Another Hero

So I'm sort of addicted to the new show "Heroes". I was addicted to "Lost" but now they're going this whole other route with just focusing on Jack, Kate, and Sawyer with the "Others" while the main asshole Ben (Who I swear looks like a chubby Thom Yorke if he had his eye fixed) is being all mysterious and saying things like "We're the good guys" and "You'll be in a world of pain for the next two weeks." Blah, "Lost".

Where was I? Oh, right. Heroes.

I like this show because the Heroes are pretty entertaining. I like Hiro only cause I wish I could freeze time and travel around in time. And that Nikki chick is pretty hot, so is Claire but since she's jailbait, I have to focus my boner attention to Nikki. But the more I watch this show, the more problems I see with this show.

Like that Nikki chick. I guess her "power" is she has a violent alter ego, but isn't that just called multiple personality disorder? Shouldn't she be taking some medication for that?

And the dude with the glasses, Mr. Benette. He seems to have the ability to teleport himself cause one moment he's in Las Vegas, the next he's back home in Texas, then he's somewhere else. And what is up with this dude anyway? He might not be a bad guy perse but what the hell is his deal?

And finally, how come everybody in the world all of a sudden have some super powers? Today alone we were introduced to two, maybe three, more: a guy who can boil water with his hands and a waitress with a super memory. (Maybe that's why she's a waitress, she won't screw the order up and gets great tips?) And I'm guessing this one Indian kid can project his image or something, I dunno. The other week, we were shown that Nikki's son Micah has the ability to...I dunno fix broken telephones? I'm not sure.

Honestly Heroes, not everybody in the world needs to have some kind of super power. It was much more interesting when it was just 5 or 6 and they all had to save the world. If the entire world were super heroes, then there wouldn't be much danger and it'd just be like a boring show about super heroes. Like "Smallville."

Yep. I went there.

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