Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Van Wilder Episode 3: Attack of the Taj's

Apparently there's a sequel to the 2002 movie "Van Wilder", which I happen to like. The title of this is "Van Wilder: The Rise of Taj". If you've never seen the first one, Taj was Van Wilder's Indian friend played by Kal Penn, who was in "Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle". So, that's fine with me. A movie focued around Taj, that's should be good. But the movie is called "Van Wilder: The Rise of Taj" and Ryan Reyolds, who played Van Wilder, is nowhere to be seen. So why not just call it "The Rise of Taj"? It's kinda stupid to title your movie after a character who isn't even going to appear in the damn thing.

I was made first aware of this film on Myspace. Seeing how everything under the sun has a myspace account nowadays, it's no surprised this film has one. There I caught the trailer and well...it's not funny. At all. It seems that Taj is going to England where he's starts a fraturnity with a bunch of geeky looking guys and some rough and tough English jocks get in their way. Ah, so this is the fabled remake of "Revenge of the Nerds" I've been hearing about. And there are lots of tits in this movie, which isn't a complaint, but it means there's going to be an "Unrated" version on DVD which is gonna feature like 2 more seconds of tits. And maybe an extra "Fuck" thrown in for good measure.

Realizing that this movie is going to be a crock of shit, I decided to add this film's profile onto my friends list. I was gonna lambast it and tell the makers of this profile, who I assume have something to do with the movie, that I think this movie is shit and I don't get why it was made or at least why is it called "Van Wilder" if the CHARACTER of Van Wilder isn't even going to appear in it.

Then I saw the comments section. There is not ONE bad comment. To give you an idea, here are some choice comments:

"this movie looks like it'll kick the first one's ass!!! go taj!!!" (I often tell fictional characters to go all the time. Like Forest Gump. RUN FOREST RUN!)
"sweeet dude this movie is goin to be killer as mess" (I don't even know what that means.)
ur like a god to all the american indians
thanks for being such a great role model man
CURRY ROCKS!" (This is just sad. I mean don't get me wrong, I think Kal Penn is funny and he is pretty talented, but considering the line of work he gets, I'd hardly call him a "role model" for all "American Indians". I mean, this is the same guy who humped a giant bag of weed. If that's what it takes to make role model standards, Adam Sandler should be a fuckin' saint!)
"God I am sure this movie is going to be funny as fuck cause the 1st one was so if it still deals with the van wilder leads then im sure it works out for the best DAM STRAIGHT" (Actually the only person from the original is just Taj. Oddly enough, no Tara Reid. I dunno why, it's not like she's busy or anything.)

So then I realized the makers of this profile are screening the comments. To make sure, I decided to give it a test. I used my other profile and when I went to add it, I saw I was accepted right away. Woo! So then I went for the comment and I left this:
"Why is this movie being made without Ryan Reyonlds? I mean...he was Van Wilder...it's kinda stupid to name your movie "Van Wilder" without the Van Wilder character. So yeah, this movie is just a pointless cash in."

Sure enough, all comments are screened for approval. So I decided to wait about 15 minutes, then I went back to my Invasion of the B Movies profile where I left this comment:
"I can't wait to see this. Kal Penn rocks!!"

I'm not lying. I can't wait to see this to see how horrible it's gonna be. And I do think Kal Penn rocks. Just probably not in this movie.

So anyway, guess which comment got picked? Seriously, you'll never guess. Or maybe you will.

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Isn't it great to live in a country where you have the right to voice an opinion about a shitty movie without being censored?

"Did you swear in your comment, Jason?"
No. What I mean is this proves that the people who made this movie knows it's pretty crappy but to maintain the publicity machine, they are only allowed to have "positive" comments on a freakin Myspace profile. Cause you know, Myspace is the home of positivness, and no drama what-so-ever.

So now I'm torn. Should I waste 8 of my hard earned money and see this movie in a theater? Or should I wait until DVD? And when it comes out on DVD, wait until it's considered an "old" release and just get it for free at my Blockbuster, which has a get three "new" release titles get an "old" one free deal going on? It depends. Anyone reading this, wanna see a movie on December 1st?

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