Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Contest/Game Thingy Time!

Well I hinted at it so here it is. I haven't come up with an offical title yet. I still have another day to think of that.

The Objective: Each Thursday or Friday I'll list any movies that are coming out to theaters and all you have to do is supply a guess on which movie will take the number 1 spot. And it don't neccessarily have to be something that's opening that weekend, you can guess a movie that's already on the list from the week before.

Scoring: Whoever guesses correctly which movie ends up number 1 gets 10 points. If your choice isn't number one and does end up on the list, the scoring will work like so:
#2-9 points
#3-8 points

And that's it. Game starts on Thursdays or Friday and offically ends Saturday night at 11:59 PM. Anything after that won't be accepted. Send all entries to invasionofthebmovies at gmail dot com or as a comment in the corresponding post.
Any questions feel free to ask.


Odd Todd said...

Coolio game! Dig it!

Fletch said...

I sucky suck and misseded it. :( Next time.