Monday, September 21, 2009

Invasion of the B Movies Goes Hollywood!!

Well, it's more like "GOING TO Hollywood". See what had happened was I went to Chicago cause I heard American Idol was there. I took my chances and stood in the long ass line. Finally, around 4 PM, I got called in. I walked in and there stood Simon, Randy, and that new chick. Paula was gone and Ellen wasn't signed on yet. I stood there, nervous.

"Hello", Simon said. I nodded my head.
"What song you gonna sing, dawg?" Randy asked.
"In My Projects by Coo Coo Cal".

Silence. I figured this was my cue. I sang the song.

More stunned silence.

"That was the strangest thing I ever seen" Simon says.
"Yo Dawg" Randy says
"...." new girl says cause I don't know what she sounds like.
"Fuck it" Simon said. Yes he cusses they just edit it out on the show. "Send him to L.A"
"Alright" the others said.

I got my yellow piece of paper and now I'm going to L.A. I wasn't really suppose to tell anyone this until the show aired in January but I figured I had to explain why I was gonna be gone for the next 8 months. I'm going to L.A to set up an apartment and learn how to sing. Who knows, you might just be looking at the Next American Idol.


I'll just be gone for 4 days, visiting my friend (and fellow Mass Invader)Adam and doing god only knows what. Pick whichever scenario is more exciting. I think the American Idol one is. But going to L.A is pretty fucking exciting too. Anyway, I'll see you when I get back on Friday. Sure I'll have tons to talk about and pics to post and videos to post and probably pick up some STD's along the way.

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elgringo said...

Congratulations on winning American Idol! (I chose an even more exciting scenario in which you win the enitre competition, sign a record deal, and make millions of bucks.)