Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ooh, All Neat and Pretty

I finally finished renovating The Site. I moved stuff around, got rid of stuff, and stuffed stuff. I feel pretty happy about it. What you say?

And I updated the header here on the blog to reflect the change. I was gonna take into consideration the small mentions I recieved on the background of the blog and changed it but then I remembered all the other backgrounds that Blogger offers kinda suck. And when I change the format, the header gets all jacked up. So sorry people who weren't a fan of the white on black, I'm gonna keep it.

I'll work on putting more pictures in the middle of the reviews on The Blog though.

And please tell me what you think of the new layout. I really, really, really wanna ziga-ziga-zay-zah! Er, know.


Wings said...

I like it. Simple yet sweet. And my blog is still white on black, too, cause I don't have another template I like there, either! haha!

Fletch said...

Like the new header text. It's Invasiony.

PS - slack more and write more here. Thanks. Oh, and bring back the box office game if you have time. Twas fun.

That Fletch Guy