Friday, September 18, 2009

Proving Felicia Right

Felicia: "When you get home you're gonna write about this movie, aren't you?"

Strange, since I rarely write about movies I see in theaters. But after seeing "Jennifer's Body", I felt I needed to write SOMETHING.

I'll say this. It's a strange movie. Which I love. I like any movie that is out of the norm and does it's own thing. What makes it strange is the entire setting is basically a typical teenage drama with typical high school problems like sports and getting laid.

Then all out of nowhere, you get SATAN!!!! >:) MU HAHAHAHAHA!!! And it just fucks things up.

The basic jist of this movie is this: Megan Fox is a hot chick who hangs around a chick not-so-hot-but-is-hot-in-real-life-but-in-her-own-way-not-Megan-Fox-kinda-way. They're total BFF's and talk in their own language. (Movie is written by Diablo Cody, it has it's own language.) One night Megan and Mamma Mia Chick go to some dive bar to watch some lame band. The lame band kidnaps Megan and does something. This something "changes" Megan and the shit hits the fan.

I really liked this movie, but I can tell it won't do good cause it's really not for everyone. People are gonna nitpick on the dialouge, the acting, the "WTF" ness of the movie, and the fact that besides the dialouge, this movie is 100 million times different than "Juno".

I'll say this. If you liked "Juno" for the story, you'll hate "Jennifer's Body". It's good to see a writer not stick to one type of genre. I dunno what Diablo Cody's gonna do next. Maybe an action spy movie like "Ocean's 11" or something. That'd be interesting.

"Like totes stealing this white rock! Lates!!!"

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