Monday, September 28, 2009

Good? Bad? Either Way, I Win

It's awesome being a guy who loves good movies and bad movies. I guess that makes me bi-movies? I dunno. Anyway. This is especially true when it comes to horror movies. Any other genre of movies if it's good it's good, if it's bad, it's bad. But horror movies they're either "OMG THAT SHIT WUZ TEH BOMBZ DIGGITY!!!11!!!" or "PUKE!!!!! SHOOT ME NOW!!!!!". Again, this is mainly horror movies that's come out since 1998.

Now that we're going through some weird circle where all the classics are being remade, we now can add to the fold "A Nightmare on Elm Street".

Here are some pro and cons about said trailer:
Pro: They kept in a lot of the classic scenes.
Con: WTF is up with Freddy's voice at the end?
Pro: The guy who played Rorshach from "Watchmen" is playing Freddy.
Con: Michael Bay's name appears somewhere in the credits. Granted, only has producer but still.
Pro:...I'm out.
Con: This didn't need to be fuckin' remade. Robert Englund will always be Freddy Krueger, ok?

Yeah that James Earl Ray Whatever guy is a pretty good actor but can he pull off being Freddy? I guess we'll find out whenever this freakin' movie comes out.

Like I said, if it's good or bad, I win.

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