Sunday, May 08, 2011

My Life In Movies: The Horror Edition

So there's a blog-a-thon going around where everyone is listing all their favorite movies that came out each year they been alive. There's been some good ones and I wanted in on the fun so I decided to go ahead and do an all-horror version, since I'm sort of known as the Horror guy on the LAMB. (Yes, the ONLY Horror guy. Don't bother looking it up, I'm right.)

Here we go:

1980-Friday the 13th (Of course)
1981-An American Werewolf in London
1982-Basket Case (The first movie I ever gave 5 stars to!)
1983-Sleepaway Camp
1984-A Nightmare on Elm Street
1985-The Re-Animator
1987-Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 (GARBAGE DAY!)
1989-Parents (This really was a crappy year for horror. I only seen this once but from what I saw, I was impressed.)
1992-Army of Darkness/Dr. Giggles (I had to make this a tie cause I like both but for different reasons)
1994-The Stand (Can you believe I couldn't find a theatrical horror movie for 1994?)
1995-Seven (To everyone that put "Seven" on their list, congratulations, we have one in common now!)
1997-Jack Frost (A snowman fucks Shannon Elizabeth to death. Why wouldn't you love this?)
1998-The Faculty
1999-The Blair Witch Project/Idle Hands (Another tie.)
2000-Final Destination (What ever happened to Devon Sawa?)
2001-Jeepers Creepers (And we're back into the shit. But there's a lot I haven't seen yet, like I hear "Session 9" is really good.)
2003-High Tension
2004-Dawn of the Dead (Remake)
2007-Trick R'Treat/[REC]/Inside/Grindhouse (Holy fuck, this was a GREAT year for horror! Four-way tie for the win!!)
2009-Paranormal Activity (I could've been at the first screening of this in L.A. ARRGH!)

And that's it. To read everyone elses list, go here to Fandango Groovers and check them all out.


Nick said...

I've always wanted to do some kind of special post on Devon Sawa. He had a really fun career. I've actually seen a lot more of his movies than I thought I had (including his role as "Stan" in the Eminem video).

And if you haven't seen "Devil's Den," you need to. It's kinda like if you took the entire bar sequence in From Dusk Til Dawn and extended it to the whole movie... but made it a very B-grade film (I mean, come on... its stars: Devon Sawa, Kelly Hu, and Ken Foree).

Wings1295 said...

Fun list!

Anonymous said...

Great list, suitably B but a few more mainstream flicks, so happy to see someone chose High Tension. Thanks for taking part.

Jason Soto said...

Nick: The last thing I recall him in was the Stan video, at least commercially.

Wings and Andy: Thanks! This was a bit more difficult than I thought to make. When I looked up what horror movies came out each year, I either had a lot to choose from, or hardly had anything at all. I guess if I was born in 1970, things would've been a bit easier.